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A Christian nurse 'tortured on duty in hospital after being falsely accused of blasphemy'

A CHRISTIAN nurse was reportedly tied up, stripped and tortured by a mob inside a hospital in Pakistan after a Muslim colleague falsely accused her of blasphemy. Medical staff joined in the vicious attack on Tabitha Nazir Gill, 30, at the Sobhraj Maternity Hospital in Karachi where she has worked for nine years.

One medic yells at her, apparently trying to make her sign a document, and another woman in a white coat is seen repeatedly striking her in the face.

"She commits blasphemy. We shall bury her," a Muslim nurse called Nasreen shouts in the video, according to UCA News.

Others in the mob say: “Close the gate. Don’t let her escape. Beat her. Why did you speak of our religion? Rub your nose on the ground. Repent from Allah.”

Tabitha pleads to be allowed to call her husband, saying: “I didn’t do anything like this. I am a Christian. We don’t swear but still I swear by Jesus and the Bible. This is their plan."

She was reportedly bound with ropes, tortured and locked in a room until she signed an apology, and then taken to a police station on January 28.


The local police chief let her go home, saying there had been a "misunderstanding" and there was no evidence she had done anything wrong.

But hours later officers were forced to register a case against her for blasphemy after a mob of hundreds surrounded the police station.

Tabitha and her family have now been forced into hiding and given protection by the police, said the ICC.

The group's William Stark said: “We here at International Christian Concern condemn the false blasphemy allegation that has been levelled against Tabitha Nazir Gill.

"In Pakistan, blasphemy allegations forever ruin the lives of the accused, even if proved to be false.

"We call on Pakistani authorities to thoroughly and fairly investigate this false allegation and bring the false accuser to justice.

"Pakistan’s blasphemy laws must no longer be allowed to settle personal scores or incite religious hatred. Too often these laws have been a tool in the hands of extremists seeking to stir up religiously motivated violence against minorities.”

Blasphemy carries the death penalty under controversial laws in Pakistan.

Most allegations since the law was passed in 1987 have been against people from religious minorities.


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