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Christian man shot dead by extremist for purchasing house in their dominated area in Peshawar

Nadeem Joseph was sprayed with bullets few weeks ago just because he purchased a house in a Muslim area and his neighbor Salman Khan didn't tolerate the presence of a non-Muslim in their neighborhood saying that "We do not allow Non-Muslims to enter into our street and how dare you purchased house in our street" and Salman khan shot Nadeem Joseph and his mother in law.

Atrocities against religious minorities continue unabated in the terror state of Pakistan. In another such incident, two members of a Christian family were shot for buying a house in a Muslim dominated neighbourhood in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Nadeem Joseph and his mother-in-law Elizabeth Masih were brutally attacked by one Salman Khan and his sons a few days after Nadeem Joseph bought a house in TV Colony in Peshawar, Pakistan on June 4, 2020.

Police have arrested several members of Salman Khan’s family in connection with the incident while he still remains on the run. Police are in the lookout for Salman Khan, who Joseph alleged, started harassing him the day he shifted to the colony.

According to Pakistani activist Rahat Austin, Nadeem Joseph who remained admitted in the hospital after the attack, succumbed to his injuries after he was operated on for the fifth time on June 29, 2020.

Salman Khan continued to hound the Christian family in Peshawar, Pakistan

Once Salman Khan, who was Joseph’s neighbour, found out that Joseph and his family were Christians, he started hounding them to leave the locality immediately. Salman allegedly told Joseph and his family that since the entire neighbourhood was Muslim and that Christians (like Jews) are enemies of Islam, they could not stay there.

For days, Nadeem Joseph and his family were threatened by Salman Khan and his sons with serious consequences if they did not leave the house.

On June 4, the day of the attack, Salman Khan went to Nadeem’s house to give him a 24-hour ultimatum. But when Nadeem did not pay any heed to Salman’s threats, the latter along with his sons first shot at Nadeem and then attacked Nadeem’s family members, injuring his mother-in-law, Elizabeth Masih.

“I called police emergency help number 15 but they opened fire,” Joseph said. Joseph was reportedly shot in the stomach and his mother-in-law was hit in her left shoulder.

According to reports, none of the neighbour came forward to help Joseph and his family. After calling the emergency ambulance service, Joseph and his mother-in-law were taken to Lady Reading Hospital, where Joseph succumebed to his injuries on June 29.

Atrocities on minorities continues to be rampant in Pakistan

Pakistan has a history of atrocities against the minority community. While the Imran Khan government makes tall claims regarding the safety and security of minorities in his country, Pakistan has been notoriously indulging in the persecution of religious minorities.


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