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Indonesia Suicide bomb attack on Catholic church during Palm Sunday Mass. several wounded.

suicide bombers have struck outside a Catholic church in the Indonesian city of Makassar on Palm Sunday, injuring more than a dozen people.

an explosion erupted as two attackers tried to enter the church on Palm Sunday ahead of Easter.

A destroyed motorbike and body parts were found at the scene and police said the two attackers had died.

Militant groups have attacked churches in the past but no group has yet said it was behind the bombing.

Indonesia's President Joko Widodo condemned the attack as "act of terror" and said he had ordered the chief of police to investigate those responsible.

"I call on everyone to fight against terror and radicalism, which go against religious values," the president said.

Churches have been targeted in the past by extremists in Indonesia, the world's biggest Muslim-majority nation.

In 2018, dozens of people were killed in bomb attacks on churches and a police headquarters in the port city of Surabaya.

In 2018, a dozen people were killed when a family of suicide bombers blew themselves up at churches during Sunday services in the second-biggest city, Surabaya.

The country's deadliest Islamist militant attack took place on the tourist island of Bali in 2002, when bombers killed 202 people, most of them foreign tourists.


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