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Karachi, a 13-year-old Christian raped in her home while her parents were at work

Karachi, a 13-year-old Christian raped in her home while her parents were at work. Three young people from the neighborhood: Muhammad Noman, Zaheer and Zain.

Sheeza Waris, a 13-year-old Christian girl, was raped in her home while her parents were away at work. Sheeza's family lives in a rented house in Bhittaiabad, near the Karachi airport. There are also two other children with her at teh time of the attack. Sheeza is the eldest and was raped by three young Muslims who live in the area.

Warris, Sheeza's father, relates that he and his wife work as street sweepers and left the house at 8 am. At the time of the accident they were both at work. When they returned, around 4 pm, the children informed them that some young people had forcibly entered the house and while one was checking the door, the others raped the girl.

Warris says that the three young men - Muhammad Noman, Zaheer and Zain - threatened Sheeza with serious consequences if she dared to talk to her parents and police about it. Zain, one of the attackers, who had been guarding the door, was later arrested by the police; the other two hid and escaped arrest.

Meanwhile, Sheeza is hospitalized at Jinnah Medical Center where she is undergoing several tests. Her family are still waiting for the results from the doctors.

The incident was strongly condemned by Dilawar Bhatti, president of the Christian People’s Alliance, who asked the government to take a clear stand against all violence against minorities. He also expressed the suspicion that the fame of one of the culprits is slowing down the work of the police and doctors. One of the two attackers, in fact, belongs to the ruling party in Sindh, and is putting pressure on the hospital and the police. For Bhatti, this is why Sheeza's family still, even after 24 hours, has yet to receive the doctor's legal response.

Bhatti stressed that "in a month, this is the second case of rape in Karachi, after that of Jamaima, a Christian girl who was also abused. Christian minors are always targeted ”.

Kashif Anthony, of Justice and Peace of Karachi, condemning the incident, asked the government to arrest "these monsters and bring them to justice". The National Commission for Justice and Peace is ready to support the family with legal aid


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