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Pakistan: Hindu Doctor Charged With Blasphemy for Questioning Slaughtering Animals On Bakra Eid


A Hindu doctor named Dr. Shanker Malhi in Tharparkar, Sindh - Pakistan asked a question on Facebook regarding slaughter of animals during Muslim festival of Eid ul Azha. After that he was accused of blasphemy. And then an angry mob attacked homes of Hindus in that area. And then Dr. Shankar was arrested by police on 29th July, 2021. Now he will stay in jail for a very long time because it's a non bailable offence and it's trial is slow. Pakistan's religious minorities are not safe, please pray for them.

Pakistan’ the ‘Land of Pure’ has become a land of pure unadulterated state sponsored genocide of non-Muslim minorities viz. Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. Minority women, minor girls are brazenly abducted, converted to Islam and married off to Islamists. Their parents and families are given death threats and asked to convert when seek justice, the law and order machinery along with the judiciary plays along with the Jihadis to deny custody of the abducted girls to their parents. Other than this the blood thirsty law of blasphemy punished with death is foisted on religious minorities without any basis to terrorize people to convert to Islam. The most illustrious case was the Asia Bibi case.

Another shocking case of state sponsored genocide of Hindus by using Blasphemy as a weapon has come to light from Pakistan’s Sindh area. A Hindu doctor has been subjected to untold harassment, trauma, death threats, his house has been attacked and he has been arrested for blasphemy. Dr. Shankar Malhi’s innocent Facebook Post questioning the practice of slaughtering animals on the occasion of Bakra Eid has led him and the Hindus living in Tharparkar area of Sindh in Pakistan to being subjected to brutal terror and oppression.


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