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Two Christian sanitary workers who went down to clean the gutters without safety measures died.

Faisal Masih and Nadeem Masih were died on the spot at Noori Gate Basti Sargodha Michael Masih admitted to Civil Hospital Sargodha in critical condition. According to eyewitnesses, 1122 employees refused to rescue the bodies because they were unclean and covered with dirt.

Sargodha Metropolitan Corporation puts an end to oppression Christian employees are called on forced duty for cleaning last night. Unloaded into gutters without safety arrangements and other equipment.

While most doing the dirty job are illiterate, they have been trying to give their children a better future by sending them to school. But discrimination and lack of opportunities to compete with others force these children to fall back on the jobs of their parents.

Christian religious freedom activists continued to report widespread discrimination against Christians in private employment. They said Christians had difficulty finding jobs other than those involving menial labor, with some advertisements for menial jobs specifying they were open only to Christian applicants.

Pakistan’s predominantly Christian sewage workers regularly risk their lives to unclog sewers with their bare hands while enduring daily public discrimination for partaking in the dangerous labor,

At least ten people have died since 2019 in Pakistani sewers, according to the Centre for Law and Justice (CLJ), a local NGO which says the figures are probably far higher than reported.

The struggle of Pakistan's Christians


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